Berry Fluff Sandwich


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Berry Fluff Sandwich

A teaser for you to check out my new blog – A Woman’s Lifestyle!

Please visit and check it out! ūüôā


New Blog!


Hi Everyone!

I have launched a new blog, focussed more around what I’m doing right now – being a Mother, Wife and a Homemaker. ¬†Please head over and check it out, I would love any feedback….

I will be posting some repeats of blog posts from eaconfidential that were never really aligned to administrative hints and tips, but new material is coming soon ūüôā

Please don’t unfollow this blog, I will also be posting some office hints and tips, as I’ve just read some new material that has me thinking and needing to blog!


Month Six in the Life of Judd


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Well it was my little man’s half birthday just the other day, and I can’t believe we have a little six month old in our midst! ¬†He is a joy in our life and makes me grateful and happy every single day. ¬†Yes every single sleep deprived day.

DSC_0874This month has seen…
РJudd weighing in at just shy of 9.5kgs, and growing to be about 70cm long.  Still have to confirm with the Health Centre Nurse as our measurements are quite rough.
– Staying in 00’s for the time being… ¬†HOORAY because I just love all of his clothes, he is such the fashion plate!
– He can now Clap Hands, which is more like he pounds his fists together, but it’s totes cute and sooo clever.
РIs ticklish!  Those love handles get a giggle every time without fail.
– A HUGE thing is that we have started on solids, and the faces pulled for sweet potato, pumpkin, apple, pear and parsnip are priceless. ¬†I can’t believe he likes parsnip the best! So far anyway – it’s definitely a really fun time testing out all the new foods.
– He loves when Mum makes noises like a monkey. ¬†Which has really made me look like a mad woman in public but really… what’s new.
РSleep is getting worse before it gets better.  I am thinking positively that it will.  get.  better.
– Still has the softest hands and feet (which he likes to rub together) and has grown quite a mass of hair, much more than Mummy and Daddy ever had at his age.
РSitting up on his own, with a few topples but generally all good.  Where did our little baby go!
РWhen he is sitting on my lap he will bring his face up to mine and rest his palm on my cheek.  Melts my heart that we are so lucky to have such an affectionate little boy.
– His personality is so bubbly and bright, he makes us laugh and smile and just exclaim to each other how cute he is nearly every moment of every day. ¬†He is so clingy to me which I am cherishing because I love his gorgeous cuddles and know he won’t want Mum one day.
– Blows massive bubbles.

I’m positive by next month he will be saying DaDa and Ta and I know he is just wanting to go so I’m hoping I am not reporting that we have a crawler on our hands! ¬†Eeeek time slow down please!!

Recipe – Frittata


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As requested, here is a simple recipe for making Frittata.  I eat mine for breakfast to get some protein in with the eggs, and an extra dose of vegetables!


olive oil spray
Mix of cold roast vegetables (I use pumpkin, sweet potato, zucchini and carrot)
5 to 6 eggs, depending on the size of your dish
Mozzarella cheese, grated
1/2 cup cream
salt and pepper

– Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees celsius
– Spray a non stick oven proof dish with olive oil spray
– Pour roasted vegetables into the pan
– In a separate dish, whisk eggs, cheese, cream, salt and pepper together
– Pour egg mix over roasted vegetables, and top again with cheese and parsley for garnish
– Cook for 25 to 30 minutes, or until the top of the frittata springs back slightly when you touch it.

Please let me know if you have any questions on the recipe!

This Blog. That Blog. HELP!


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So you may have noticed that my Blog Posts are all over the place. Initially created as a blog for Executive Assistant’s to view and gain insight from, this blog is now morphing into the things that consume my day-to-day life, which has now changed whilst I am on maternity leave and learning how to be a Mum and Domestic Housewife. Things like recipes and my random insights are generating my most hits and followers, which I really didn’t expect.

I have created a website called “The Curious Mumma”, and “A Woman’s Lifestyle” as these are the only names I can think of to cover all the things I want to talk and write about in this blog.

I’m just not sure if these names fit, or if they could ever be successful.

I would love your comments and insights as to what makes a blog a success. Please don’t leave this blog yet either! I will still be using this blog to post about Organisation, Executive Assistants, and Hints and Tips for Administration Staff.

If you have any idea’s for me, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks ūüôā

Quote of the Week – Monday June 24


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It’s Monday again. ¬†How many of you, maybe after a drink on Friday, or just in the happy state you were in on Friday, committed to do something this week that you are now regretting?

Making sure this still gets done, maintains your reputation and integrity. ¬†Follow these tips on making sure it gets done, and doesn’t ruin the week ahead…

– Prioritise it, if you can get it done and out of the way early, you’ll feel better about the rest of your week and probably achieve more anyway.
– Try to make it fun. ¬†And if you can’t make it fun, make it a challenge.
– What’s in it for me? ¬†Tell your superior what you are doing, you never know if it might impress them, or earn you brownie points.
– Rope someone else in. ¬†Not to do the whole job, but who can help you achieve yours. ¬†If they motivate you, then that’s a plus!

How often do you commit to something in the moment that you don’t want to do?

The week that was…


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It’s been awhile since I’ve updated one of these, and I feel like I have a LOT to go through, so let’s get started…

Articles / Conversation Starters

From Co Exist, How would you feel if your co-workers decided your bonus?  Oooo, so controversial!

A super easy way to search your Evernote, Dropbox and basically every other app you can think of?  Try CloudMagic!

Do you feel like a break from it all sometimes?  How about from technology?  I would love to try unplugging, via Fast Company.

Blog Love

Thinking of starting up your own blog but don’t know what to name it? ¬†I’m in a similar conundrum at the moment, and I loved this article, via SheKnows.

Products I Love

These gorgeous bathrooms, bought to you by HomeLife.

Country Road keeps getting it right for me. ¬†Their winter collection is amazing. ¬†I bought a blanket that I’m in love with, and some more crockery. ¬†Pity when they blanket arrived they left the security tag on it. ¬†D’oh! ¬†Adding a trip to Country Road again to me To Do List. ¬†And my wallet ūüôā

New Meals to Make

I have to talk about Frittata’s, and that you should be making these! ¬†Once a week I would make a meal with roast vege’s, and I have now taken to making more than we would eat, and using the leftovers to make a Frittata that I have for breakfast. ¬†A great way to increase your vegetable count for the day. ¬†Hit me up if you want the recipe ūüôā

I made this Key Lime Pie recipe via, and it was delish!

Fashion Fix

101 Make up and Fashion Tips.  I love stuff like this.  Find it via this link on Real Beauty.

I am in desperate need of a white dress for my Sister’s Wedding! ¬†Please help – do you have any fave’s here?

Adding to my Nightstand

So I tried and failed to start reading The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett.  Can anyone please tell me why I should continue?

The Importance of Meeting with your Admin Team


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In most offices, the people that are ‘Admin’ are split into the different teams. ¬†Marketing, Finance, Business Banking, Retail Banking – and yet they generally do the same types of things and face the same types of issues.

I think it’s extremely important to have an ‘Admin Team Meeting’ for a number of reasons.

– The members of your office that are Admin have a sense of belonging and understanding from their peers
– The Admin team can learn from each other, making it easy to cover for each other when someone is on leave
– Relationships are developed and Mentors can be found, either formally or informally
– The Admin team can stay up to date on the office, each team, the news around them, internally and externally from the office.
– Getting junior Admin staff to minute the meeting can build their skill set

I have set up an ‘Admin Team Meeting’ in my current role, and the agenda looked something like this:

1.0  Previous Minutes & Action Items
2.0  Upcoming Admin Team Leave / Public Holidays / Coverage Required
3.0  Updates on the Travel system by travel coordinators
4.0  Office Housekeeping
5.0 ¬†What’s New & What’s Hot In Your Area
(ideal to talk about new restaurants and hotels in each city, so everyone is keeping ‘in the know’)
6.0 ¬†New Initiatives and Idea’s
(so important to always be reviewing how we do things – we can always better ourselves!)
7.0  Any Other Business

Something that I REALLY REALLY wanted to do, but didn’t have enough staff or the budget to do, was hold quarterly development days, and have speakers come into the office that the team can learn from. ¬†This would be ideal in my role, to build the admin team, for them to gain confidence and for them to feel valued.

I’m really keen to hear on anyone else that holds these types of meetings, and what you discuss. ¬†I’ll put this under ‘New Initiatives and Idea’s’ for when I’m next back in the office. ¬†ūüôā

Happy Snap Hump Day!


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A new post idea for the things that I have snapped over the past few days. ¬†We all need something trivial during our days, and what better day to do this then the middle of the week. ¬†It’s not long till Friday now ūüôā

These flowers from my garden…










These muffins that taste like donuts.  Yes.  Hit me up if you want the recipe.










The first time I’ve worked with Fillo Pastry, making this Lamb and Fetta Pie. ¬†Again, let me know if you’d like me to share the recipe.










This storybook I’m reading to my son, a story a day. ¬†Brings back so many memories, teaching us lessons and making me a fairytale expert!










These photo frames, which cost me $6 from Kmart, and with paint swatches I turned into ‘art’. ¬†ūüôā







This meme, it’s hilarious because you all know someone who only posts their highlight reel right?


And the highlight of the past few days, was hanging this amazing find on our entrance wall.  We have been looking for a print for our wall, and ideally wanted a view of somewhere in NYC, for over a year now, so to find this Рexactly what I wanted Рis amazing!


What have you all been snapping this week?

Month Five in the Life of Judd


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I can’t believe it’s June. ¬†May disappeared before my very eyes, and now we are mid year and winter just seems to be going very fast. ¬†I think I’m not noticing winter as much because I’m not at the train station at 7am every weekday freezing my butt off. ¬†That is something I don’t miss. ¬†How is everyone in Australia coping with the winter this year?

Well Judd is now five months old, and here are the latest pics…





This month has seen…
РBouncing on his Jolly Jumping, giggling and talking away.  I really believe he is telling us how clever he is.
– Developing more of a routine with sleep (thank god!) self settling, and being a dream sleeper during the day. ¬†The night still needs improvement for Mum’s sake.
– Still hasn’t increased his wardrobe size, still in 00’s! ¬†Granny has created an amazing wardrobe for her little Grandson so hubby and I have joked that Judd’s wardrobe is better than, and bigger than both of ours. ¬†Combined.
РWill poop as soon as he is placed in a rocker, car seat, swing, jolly jumper.  I know he will hate me for writing this when he gets older, but it is seriously bizarre and noteworthy.
– He is definitely a morning person (a trait that didn’t come from me) and loves being kissed up, especially underneath his chin when he wakes up.
– Has massive smiles for Daddy when he gets home.
– Has started to act shy and snuggles into my shoulder when someone talks to him.
– Loves his 20 month old niece Blake and likes to smile at her and grab her face.
– Splashes in the bath, and seriously chills out in there.
РStory time with Daddy at night is my favourite time of day.  Who knew kids books were so hilarious and who knew the way your baby watches his Dad read to him would melt your heart so much?


I’d love to hear from anyone with a baby at 4, 5 or 6 months and what they are up to ūüôā

Next month is the big 6.  Months that is.  Wow!