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Now that the end of the year is well and truly in sight, a day doesn’t go by where I don’t hear how many days there are until Christmas. 

22.  There are only 22 days left until then.  Crazy!  Breathe people. 🙂

I am starting maternity leave soon, and as I’ve been getting more and more tired with each day, I have also started counting the days until my last day of work.  Which is 10.  Insane!

Whilst I’m really excited for this next stage of my life, I’m also really sad to be missing out on what will be happening in the office from day to day and seeing the people I work with all the time.

Then, as I come up to my 36th week of pregnancy this week, I have a number of people commenting how uncomfortable I must be now, and saying that I must be wishing for it to all be over.  And while I do get to the end of the day and want to reach around my waist, undo the velcro and shower and rest without a massive watermelon in the way, I am also really cherishing each kick and each moment it’s just me and the baby, knowing it will all feel like a dream (in my lack of sleep haze!) before I know it. 

So what are you counting down to?  Something you aren’t looking forward to, something you are, or a mixture of both?