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I can’t believe it’s June.  May disappeared before my very eyes, and now we are mid year and winter just seems to be going very fast.  I think I’m not noticing winter as much because I’m not at the train station at 7am every weekday freezing my butt off.  That is something I don’t miss.  How is everyone in Australia coping with the winter this year?

Well Judd is now five months old, and here are the latest pics…





This month has seen…
– Bouncing on his Jolly Jumping, giggling and talking away.  I really believe he is telling us how clever he is.
– Developing more of a routine with sleep (thank god!) self settling, and being a dream sleeper during the day.  The night still needs improvement for Mum’s sake.
– Still hasn’t increased his wardrobe size, still in 00’s!  Granny has created an amazing wardrobe for her little Grandson so hubby and I have joked that Judd’s wardrobe is better than, and bigger than both of ours.  Combined.
– Will poop as soon as he is placed in a rocker, car seat, swing, jolly jumper.  I know he will hate me for writing this when he gets older, but it is seriously bizarre and noteworthy.
– He is definitely a morning person (a trait that didn’t come from me) and loves being kissed up, especially underneath his chin when he wakes up.
– Has massive smiles for Daddy when he gets home.
– Has started to act shy and snuggles into my shoulder when someone talks to him.
– Loves his 20 month old niece Blake and likes to smile at her and grab her face.
– Splashes in the bath, and seriously chills out in there.
– Story time with Daddy at night is my favourite time of day.  Who knew kids books were so hilarious and who knew the way your baby watches his Dad read to him would melt your heart so much?


I’d love to hear from anyone with a baby at 4, 5 or 6 months and what they are up to 🙂

Next month is the big 6.  Months that is.  Wow!