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In most offices, the people that are ‘Admin’ are split into the different teams.  Marketing, Finance, Business Banking, Retail Banking – and yet they generally do the same types of things and face the same types of issues.

I think it’s extremely important to have an ‘Admin Team Meeting’ for a number of reasons.

– The members of your office that are Admin have a sense of belonging and understanding from their peers
– The Admin team can learn from each other, making it easy to cover for each other when someone is on leave
– Relationships are developed and Mentors can be found, either formally or informally
– The Admin team can stay up to date on the office, each team, the news around them, internally and externally from the office.
– Getting junior Admin staff to minute the meeting can build their skill set

I have set up an ‘Admin Team Meeting’ in my current role, and the agenda looked something like this:

1.0  Previous Minutes & Action Items
2.0  Upcoming Admin Team Leave / Public Holidays / Coverage Required
3.0  Updates on the Travel system by travel coordinators
4.0  Office Housekeeping
5.0  What’s New & What’s Hot In Your Area
(ideal to talk about new restaurants and hotels in each city, so everyone is keeping ‘in the know’)
6.0  New Initiatives and Idea’s
(so important to always be reviewing how we do things – we can always better ourselves!)
7.0  Any Other Business

Something that I REALLY REALLY wanted to do, but didn’t have enough staff or the budget to do, was hold quarterly development days, and have speakers come into the office that the team can learn from.  This would be ideal in my role, to build the admin team, for them to gain confidence and for them to feel valued.

I’m really keen to hear on anyone else that holds these types of meetings, and what you discuss.  I’ll put this under ‘New Initiatives and Idea’s’ for when I’m next back in the office.  🙂