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It’s been awhile since I’ve updated one of these, and I feel like I have a LOT to go through, so let’s get started…

Articles / Conversation Starters

From Co Exist, How would you feel if your co-workers decided your bonus?  Oooo, so controversial!

A super easy way to search your Evernote, Dropbox and basically every other app you can think of?  Try CloudMagic!

Do you feel like a break from it all sometimes?  How about from technology?  I would love to try unplugging, via Fast Company.

Blog Love

Thinking of starting up your own blog but don’t know what to name it?  I’m in a similar conundrum at the moment, and I loved this article, via SheKnows.

Products I Love

These gorgeous bathrooms, bought to you by HomeLife.

Country Road keeps getting it right for me.  Their winter collection is amazing.  I bought a blanket that I’m in love with, and some more crockery.  Pity when they blanket arrived they left the security tag on it.  D’oh!  Adding a trip to Country Road again to me To Do List.  And my wallet 🙂

New Meals to Make

I have to talk about Frittata’s, and that you should be making these!  Once a week I would make a meal with roast vege’s, and I have now taken to making more than we would eat, and using the leftovers to make a Frittata that I have for breakfast.  A great way to increase your vegetable count for the day.  Hit me up if you want the recipe 🙂

I made this Key Lime Pie recipe via Taste.com, and it was delish!

Fashion Fix

101 Make up and Fashion Tips.  I love stuff like this.  Find it via this link on Real Beauty.

I am in desperate need of a white dress for my Sister’s Wedding!  Please help – do you have any fave’s here?


Adding to my Nightstand

So I tried and failed to start reading The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett.  Can anyone please tell me why I should continue?