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It’s Monday again.  How many of you, maybe after a drink on Friday, or just in the happy state you were in on Friday, committed to do something this week that you are now regretting?

Making sure this still gets done, maintains your reputation and integrity.  Follow these tips on making sure it gets done, and doesn’t ruin the week ahead…

– Prioritise it, if you can get it done and out of the way early, you’ll feel better about the rest of your week and probably achieve more anyway.
– Try to make it fun.  And if you can’t make it fun, make it a challenge.
– What’s in it for me?  Tell your superior what you are doing, you never know if it might impress them, or earn you brownie points.
– Rope someone else in.  Not to do the whole job, but who can help you achieve yours.  If they motivate you, then that’s a plus!

How often do you commit to something in the moment that you don’t want to do?