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So you may have noticed that my Blog Posts are all over the place. Initially created as a blog for Executive Assistant’s to view and gain insight from, this blog is now morphing into the things that consume my day-to-day life, which has now changed whilst I am on maternity leave and learning how to be a Mum and Domestic Housewife. Things like recipes and my random insights are generating my most hits and followers, which I really didn’t expect.

I have created a website called “The Curious Mumma”, and “A Woman’s Lifestyle” as these are the only names I can think of to cover all the things I want to talk and write about in this blog.

I’m just not sure if these names fit, or if they could ever be successful.

I would love your comments and insights as to what makes a blog a success. Please don’t leave this blog yet either! I will still be using this blog to post about Organisation, Executive Assistants, and Hints and Tips for Administration Staff.

If you have any idea’s for me, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks 🙂