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Well it was my little man’s half birthday just the other day, and I can’t believe we have a little six month old in our midst!  He is a joy in our life and makes me grateful and happy every single day.  Yes every single sleep deprived day.

DSC_0874This month has seen…
– Judd weighing in at just shy of 9.5kgs, and growing to be about 70cm long.  Still have to confirm with the Health Centre Nurse as our measurements are quite rough.
– Staying in 00’s for the time being…  HOORAY because I just love all of his clothes, he is such the fashion plate!
– He can now Clap Hands, which is more like he pounds his fists together, but it’s totes cute and sooo clever.
– Is ticklish!  Those love handles get a giggle every time without fail.
– A HUGE thing is that we have started on solids, and the faces pulled for sweet potato, pumpkin, apple, pear and parsnip are priceless.  I can’t believe he likes parsnip the best! So far anyway – it’s definitely a really fun time testing out all the new foods.
– He loves when Mum makes noises like a monkey.  Which has really made me look like a mad woman in public but really… what’s new.
– Sleep is getting worse before it gets better.  I am thinking positively that it will.  get.  better.
– Still has the softest hands and feet (which he likes to rub together) and has grown quite a mass of hair, much more than Mummy and Daddy ever had at his age.
– Sitting up on his own, with a few topples but generally all good.  Where did our little baby go!
– When he is sitting on my lap he will bring his face up to mine and rest his palm on my cheek.  Melts my heart that we are so lucky to have such an affectionate little boy.
– His personality is so bubbly and bright, he makes us laugh and smile and just exclaim to each other how cute he is nearly every moment of every day.  He is so clingy to me which I am cherishing because I love his gorgeous cuddles and know he won’t want Mum one day.
– Blows massive bubbles.

I’m positive by next month he will be saying DaDa and Ta and I know he is just wanting to go so I’m hoping I am not reporting that we have a crawler on our hands!  Eeeek time slow down please!!