I am currently the Executive Assistant (EA) to the Chief Executive Officer of an Insurance Company in Australia.  I first started out as a receptionist, but quickly progressed to work as an Executive Assistant, which I have been for the past seven years in a number of different divisions.  

Juggling constant change in workplaces, whilst being an EA day five days a week; running a home; building/renovating/moving house; organising weddings and events or planning for a baby are all things that many EA’s do regularly, but the skills they obtain and possess in order to do those things well are seldom realised unless we don’t have them – and seldom shared as part of job training.  Yet, Executive Assistants are often said to be the most influential people within a company, so effectiveness and having a resource (even just for our sanity) is paramount!

I am looking to share my thoughts on this role and tips to succeed, in my point of view as a young and modern EA, in the hope that it’s not only relatable but hopefully may assist other administration professionals out there.

I would love to receive any suggestions on what type of things you would like to see on this blog or particular issues you face that I may be able to address or provide insight to.  Please don’t hesitate to comment with your thoughts or questions – I would love to hear from you!

You can also follow me on twitter – @eaconfidential


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